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Trouble Shooting / FAQ

Note: This section covers only the most important issues resp. frequent questions. If you don't find your answer here, please look into the Wiki. In case you don't find your answer there, either, please ask in the forum.

Startup Problems

In case andLinux does not fully startup, please check your firewall settings. Many firewalls apply restrictive default permissions to newly created network interfaces, which often results in incoming traffic for the "TAP-Colinux" network adapter being blocked. Please ensure that your firewall does not block traffic on the "TAP-Colinux" interface! Furthermore, the executables Xming.exe and pulseaudio.exe are often blocked by software firewalls.

Note: Even if andLinux does not fully startup, you might be able to login to andLinux using FLTK or NT console for debugging purposes.

Samba Access

If you're not able to access your Windows files via Samba, please check that you don't have any errors in your username or password (they're stored in /etc/smbpasswd). Furthermore, please verify that file and printer sharing is enabled for the "TAP-Colinux" network adapter and that your firewall does not block file and printer sharing for this network adapter.

Other Languages / Time Zones

You may install other languages; for example, to install German, execute the command locale-gen de_DE@euro and add a line with LANG=de_DE@euro to /etc/environment. Additionally, it may be necessary to install the language pack: apt-get install language-pack-de. If you're using the KDE version, you may want to install the KDE translation packages furthermore: apt-get install kde-i18n-de koffice-i18n-de kile-i18n-de. Finally, you'll have to reboot to activate your changes. This procedure should also work with other languages than German by replacing "de" and "de_DE@euro" in the commands appropriately.

In order to correct the time zone, link the appropriate file under /usr/share/zoneinfo/ to /etc/localtime, e.g., for Central European Time (CET) you would run: ln -fs /usr/share/zoneinfo/CET /etc/localtime